We are very happy to have such a great and competent team of judges for the Swiss OEC. They intruduce themselves below. We have chosen 3 judges for freestyle and 3 judges for heelwork. Moreover, to be sure that nothing bad happens, we have also chosen a spare judge.


HTM - Chogovadze Galina (Russia)

Hallo dear  dogdancers!

I am Galina Chogovadze and I want to tell you a little about myself. I started judging dogdance in the year 2000. It was the first time when we had freestyle competitions in Russia. I took part in competitions in 2002 for the first time, and have been a member of the Russian national team for 6 years, including when Russia was team champion at OEC and WC. I was a silver medalist in freestyle with my border collie Roy and a bronze medalist in HTM with border collie Sanya at the 2012 OEC in Prague.

I am very glad to have been invited for judging this year. I am always happy to see new interesting routines and maybe even to learn something new.  I wish you all good luck and have fun with your dogs.

HTM - Nardelli Denise (Germany)

Hello dear Dogdancers!

My name is Denise Nardelli and when the OEC will be taking place, I will just have turned 40 years old. I am training and instructing dogdance for 19 years now. Since 8 years my main focus lies with training other teams only. Before that I did a lot of performances with my dogs at fairs, for TV shows and music halls. During the last 15 years I have authored and produced 10 training DVDs and I invented the dogstepper!

Currently our own dogs (3 papillons *2005, *2007, *2008 and two border collies *2007 and *2012) are basically „working“ as family dogs to the absolute joy of our 2 daughters (*2010 and *2015). 

I have been active as a judge ever since competitons were held in Germany and Switzerland and I am very proud to be judging OEC this year. I am deeply honoured to be judging so many great teams in HTM – my favorite dogdance category – on one single day. I honestly hope, I will be able to master this challenge bravely and I am looking forwards to seing so many creative dances and perfectly trained dogs. Goose bumps and much applause for alls the teams, that worked so well for this glorious day.

I do wish that all teams may present themselves like in their training and that humans as well as dogs may deeply enjoy their time in the ring.

Dogdance – creativity and precision on 6 legs!

HTM - Rentsch Marianne (Switzerland)

My name is Marianne Rentsch and I live in the beautiful country side in Switzerland, with my Golden Retriever Lilla, 2 cats and  6 Llamas. My dog „addiction“ started only ten years ago, and at the same time I started training Dogdance with my Lagotto Yellow, later on with Lagotto Oli. With both of them I have unforgetable memories about several OECs and other inernational competitions.

I started judging 2013, and I am always looking forward to watch competitions, enjoying the big variety of routines.  I love to see all the creativity, the stories that are told or the emotions that are expressed in the routines. And on the other side I love to see all the technical skills, that lead to precision and seemless performances.

So, I feel very honoured to watch each of your routines at the OEC 2018. I am looking forward to this event and I hope to see a lot of happy handlers and dogs in the ring! Enjoy this exeptional moment and take care of you and your dog. Remember: your dog ist always the best!

FREESTYLE - Clayton Kathy (South Africa)

I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, and have owned and trained several Border Collies and German Shepherds, in Obedience, Dog Carting, Dog Jumping, Agility and Dog Dancing, since 1973.

I am a senior judge in all these disciples, and have judged all around South Africa, in Namibia and Zimbabwe.

I am an international judge of dog dancing (WCFO, USA), and have judged, given presentations and workshops in Pennsylvania, and Seattle, USA.

My Border Collie, Triffyn, is a Freestyle Champion, and my German Shepherd, Tannah, needs four more qualifications for her championship title. Tannah also competes in RallyFree competitions. Triffyn's daughter, Teagan, has achieved her Trick Dog Champion title, and CAP 1 and 2 (100%)

I studied and worked as a primary school teacher, but in 1995, I started my own training school - K C Dog School - and became a professional dog trainer, and a Senior Accredited Animal Behaviour Consultantant. I travel extensively around the world, attending competitions, conferences and workshops, to extend my knowledge in all aspects of dogdom.

My hobby is singing, and performing on stage in amateur dramatics, so music choice and performance in a routine, is something that is important to me.

I am deeply honoured and excited to have been asked to judge at the OEC.

FREESTSYLE - Meccoli Chiara (Italy)

My name is Chiara Meccoli, I have four dogs:  

Maya, a german shepherd, Viky a beagle, Thunder a standard poodle and his puppy son Giove.

As a girl I had two german shepherds: Ulla and Ulan, and since then I have come to love this breed.

When I left Rome, my home town, to come to live in the North of Italy with my  family, I started volunteering for the rescue dogs team whit my dog Maya. I then become instructor for the local team and trained my second dog Thunder for search and rescue. He has now been qualified for six years.

In 2013  I fell in love with Dogdance and have since taken part in many competitions in DDI. In 2014 I had judged at DDI competitions, 2014 I have participated  at the OEC in Stuttgart, 2016 in Krieglach and 2017 in Balen.

I also participated at WDS in Moscow in 2016 and 2017 in Leipzig.

It is a pleasure to be judge at an important event such as this competition.

Now I can only wish you and everyone taking part in this event Good luck…and have fun! 

FREESTYLE - Scheurer Sonja (DE)

I am Sonja Scheurer from Germany.

I fell in love with dogdance in 2007 and during the following years I enjoyed more and more this unique dogsport. I  appreciate  it so much because of  the personality every team can present, without loosing the focus oft the animal wellfeare.

All of my 5 dogs  enjoy dancing with me very much and we compete together since 10 years in HTM and Freestyle on several competitions.

During this time I got more and more interested in the „job of a judge“. So I decided to  visit some workshops and I practiced jugding for 1 year. Since 2014 I  judged more than 70 international competitions and I still love it. My highlight in 2017 was  the FCI World Championchip in HTM and Freestyle.

I am so proud to be invited judging die OEC 2018 in Switzerland and I am really looking forward to see all of your fabulous routines.

See you soon

Spare and language support - Benard Debra (France)

In 1998, Mary Ray’s routine, presented at Crufts to the classical compilation entitled “Hooked on Classics”, got me totally hooked. I watched it over and over again, and I still cry when I see it. Musical interpretation! Precision! Technical innovation! Dog totally into it!

Those were very early days, and the sport has moved on massively since then. But thanks to my contacts with Mary Ray, Attila Szukalek and other English trainers, we were able to popularize the sport in France. Through the magazine Sans Laisse¸ later through a website, we tried to share for French speakers the joys and the techniques of this wonderful new discipline.

Now, the sport has taken off, and I’ve been lucky enough, as a judge under DDI rules, to meet people from all over the world. We are family!

I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends, and helping out wherever I can.